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Quantitative Trading

Creative trading solutions for digital and financial assets

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HFT Solution integrate your strategies with brokers platform across FX,Binary Option,Equity,Fixed Income Product

We started back in 2010 . We are specialized in creating High Frequency , Algo Trading systems  and Robo Advisory System. We provide trading products for different aspects of trading .Every customer has its own need for the software, and we see that as an opportunity and  provide services for customized solutions . We are a team of enthusiastic developers who love to challenge every day and provide optimized solutions to our clients. We thrive for minimum Latency  applications so our customers can make money from the fast moving market.

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We support the integration of following technologies




C# / .NET

HFTSolution provides

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Complete Trade Life Cycle management for Forex ( FIX API )

 We Provide integration of both ESP and RFQ flow . Following is flow of Trade Life cycle

OUCH/ITCH/FIX integration ( High Frequency Trading )

We provide Fix based application to integrate with ECN for Bid wanted flow so quote request can be submitted and accpeted and we provide stp to your Back Office

Algo Trading

We provide ALgo trading system for Live trading

Assets management/Portfolio system

We provide service to Robo Advisory to manager their user funds. This would be tailored according to client requirments
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Trading View Trade Copier

This can copy trade from TradingView to any stock broker. You can have other risk parameters to control your execution

  • No Need to change in your strategy in trading view
  • Read Alerts from browser and send those to any stock/future Broker
  • Control your Risk with customized dashboard
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IB User Management and Reporting

This application provider wrapper over the interactive broker .

  • User creation and KYC with single api
  • Pnl and Position reporting for users
  • Trade placement using rest api
  • All type of order supported and product
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High Frequency Trading with OUCH and ITCH Protocol

This application is suitable for client who are looking for High frequency trading with Nasdaq or Borsa Istanbul .

  • 7-9 micros second latency
  • Developed in C++ with best practices to get full advantage
  • Customized algorithm integration
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Direct Market Access with exchange

A trader has full transparency of an exchange’s order book and all of its trade orders. Direct market access platforms can be integrated with sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies which can streamline the trading process for greater efficiency and cost savings. Direct market access allows buy side firms to often execute trades with lower costs. Since it is all electronic, there is less chance of trading errors. Order execution is extremely fast, so traders are better able to take advantage of very short-lived trading opportunities

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Stock/ Future Trading with Broker

  • Entry and Exit based on multiple indicator
  • Trade with Trend Indicator and candlestick indicators together
  • Trade Divergence on different time frame
  • Different strategy specific to contract/symbol
  • Watch all symbols in main screen to get Insight on one screen for all symbols
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Hft FX Office

This product is suitable foreign exchange and Global payments provider and High Frequency Trader . They can see live prices from different Bank and Ecn and Can book the deal in Real Time.

  • Real Time Prices on FIX Connection
  • Rest api based so can be easily integrated in your app or website/software
  • Spot, Forward , spread is supported
  • Provide end to end management of Deal/Trades from Showing Live prices to booking and getting STP for accounting .
  • Nice Web based Gui interface for administration with ECN.
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Fixed Income Market Data and Trading

  • Integration with Major ECN(Bondpoint, TradeWeb, Bloomberg etc)
  • Support All kind of workflow (g Bid Wanted/ Offer Wanted etc)
  • Provide Functionality to Hit Lift quotes and get the execution
  • Reporting execution to BackOffice system
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Trading STP to Saleforce/ Prime Brokers / FTP/ Customized Rest/Soap service /WebSocket

This solution provides reporting of your executions/stp to your salesforce account or your backend service

  • Support for more than 300 ECN/Exchanges
  • Live Streaming / Historical querying of trade is supported
  • Administration GUI for support
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We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We are optimists who love to work together

Let’s collaborate and make an impact with our cross-discipline approach to design and deveopment.

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