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HFT Solution integrate your strategies with brokers platform across FX, Binary Option, Equity, Fixed Income Product

We started back in 2010 . We are specialized in creating High Frequency , Algo Trading systems  and Robo Advisory System. We provide trading products for different aspects of trading .Every customer has its own need for the software, and we see that as an opportunity and  provide services for customized solutions . We are a team of enthusiastic developers who love to challenge every day and provide optimized solutions to our clients. We thrive for minimum Latency  applications so our customers can make money from the fast moving market.

We support the integration of following technologies




C# / .NET

Our Process



Client get their requirements



We need their requirements and understand and ask questions and give suggestions to make project successful


Programming language Selection

We decide programming language on client requirement. its decided based on latency.


Back Testing

In case algo require back testing, we write that algo in backtesting module. Backtest and fine tune algo to make sure client is happy with hig.


System development

Convert client raw ideas into into actual code and plug that with order


Paper trading

We paper trade user system and trying to fix all bugs and make sure we are managing all types of risk.


Conformance testing

We do this to be compliant with broker so they can provide access of


Live trading

We start live testing and make sure everything is working as expected. we get sign off from Happy client.

HFTsolution provides

We’re passionate about solving problems through creative communications.

Complete Trade Life Cycle management for Forex ( FIX API )

 We Provide integration of both ESP and RFQ flow . Following is flow of Trade Life cycle

Bid Wanted application for Fixed Income(Bonds)

We provide Fix based application to integrate with ECN for Bid wanted flow so quote request can be submitted and accpeted and we provide stp to your Back Office

Algo Trading

We provide ALgo trading system for Live trading

Assets management/Portfolio system

We provide service to Robo Advisory to manager their user funds. This would be tailored according to client requirments
More Services

We are optimists who love to work together

Let’s collaborate and make an impact with our cross-discipline approach to design and deveopment.

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