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Complete Trade Life Cycle management for Forex ( FIX API )

We Provide integration of both ESP and RFQ flow . Following is flow of Trade Life cycle

Bid Wanted application for Fixed Income(Bonds)

We provide Fix based application to integrate with ECN for Bid wanted flow so quote request can be submitted and accpeted and we provide stp to your Back Office

Assets management/Portfolio system

We provide service to Robo Advisory to manager their user funds. This would be tailored according to client requirments

Algo Trading

We provide ALgo trading system for Live trading with any Broker for Stock,future and options . Your strategy could be based on price action / technical Indicator based we can combine multiple time frame . We provide integartion with Interactive Broker, Tradestation, Gain Cpaital etc

OUCH/ITCH/FIX integration ( High Frequency Trading )

We provide High freqqunce trading using different exchnage protocols . User can trade using fix api or OUCH api and can get market data on ITCH or cusitmized feed according to broker

Back Testing Services

BackTesting is an essential part of trading applications and provides backtesting as a service so user can optimize their strategy before playing with real money . We provide backtesting for all type of strategy

  • Price action
  • Technical Indicator
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Bracket Orders and Pyramid Orders
  • Mathematical Models

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