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Portfolio Management

This application is suitable for Robo advisory to manager their user funds


  • Tailor models and strategies based on customer needs
  • Factional allocation for fully invested
  • Algo Order(TWAP/VWAP) for Best allocation
  • Grouping of Order to save commission
  • Internal Netting
  • A single platform for multi-market trading across geographies, currencies, exchanges and assets
  • Comprehensive audit trails to track various stages of an order
  • Centralized real-time pre and post trade risk management

Technical Features

  • CI/CD enabled
  • Full Test coverage
  • Easy customization
  • Easy Integration with more than 200 Broker across the Globe
  • Market Data with ICE or Interactive Broker
  • Modular design facilitating robust and scalable order routing and trade management with multiple external entities

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